February 24, 2013

Hello World!

Hello! My name is Alex. I've been working as a C# ASP.NET Developer for the last few years and to structure my knowledge I decided to write a blog. Also I will be glad if the information I will write here be useful for someone. As you can see at the top of the site I will be writing here mainly about C# and all that related to it. This is not my first experience of the writting a blog. But about such technical things on English I write at the first time. So if you see any mistake in my posts or English or just want to say something that can make this blog better, feel free to email me at info@alexzaitzev.pro or hit me on skype: alexzaitzev.

I want to start my blog from the post about Design Patterns. A bit later I will write about algorithms and some interesting tasks and hints in C#, but I think that Design Patters are one of the most important and useful thing, so let's start from them.
There are many articles about them, but when I need to find implementation some of them I had to visit many sites: no one has full and clear information about most of them. Not to mention their implementation. Thus next post I will devote to Singleton pattern. The easiest for understanding and using pattern.

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