October 13, 2013

Sticky notes always on top in Windows 7

Today I want to write about not programming thing but very useful feature, that I was needed. Windows 'Sticky notes' are very helpful for developers and not only for them. I often write on it some things that don't want to keep in memory. But there is a problem - they are not always on top of all other windows.

And that is very strange, because concept of a 'sticker' implies that it stays on top of things, before our eyes. There is no any option to do it, so you can write a program or use a tool like NIRCMD. I chose the last variant.

So, first you need to download it from the site http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html. And then just type the command:
C:\> nircmd.exe win settopmost class Sticky_Notes_Top_Window 1
To undo this action, type this:
C:\> nircmd.exe win settopmost class Sticky_Notes_Top_Window 0
This command changes the TOPMOST flag on all windows with the ‘Sticky_Notes_Top_Window’ class name. That's it. Hope it helps.